Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Janlokpal, and should it be JUST Janlok Pal only??

Here is an interview of Mr. Nandan Nilekani and his view for the Jan Lokapal bill and the reactions of Public over it.

First of all sorry for long Kathaa below. You can skip from reading it :p

    I agree with his point that Lokpal alone will NOT shunt corruption, but at one point he says that he doesn't understand why this has got so much of traction. Thats what surprised me!!

1.   See, not every can think/foresee in broadway. Like himself, he was repeating UId for most of the discussion part, saying it can  be a area where with improvisation, things can streamedlined, agreed. He is expert of his domain, so he knows how to get best out of it. Anna is carrying different background, he is expert in his domain, and trying to get best results via that. He might be thinking in much broader way than he talked here, but he either didn't or couldn't speak because of whatever reasons, but we all have to agree that its not a overnight change. As he himself said its like a revolution of expectations. So we can't change everything in one go. So may be we can take this thing as a first step of a long journey.

   Its like collective effort from all sides which can make a better world (NOT JUST INDIA)!! WHo knows which other country can take some inspiration from this :)

2. There are so many reasons why people are NOT in state to rely on the Standing committee and other advisory boards ONLY. He claims that all doing great jobs. They might be, but how many times put of  100 things they do? If things are really so, how can so many scams (mines, 2G, CWG) can happen so easily? How can these things happen so consistently?
    May be because of Lack Accountability and unlimited freewill/power, maybe upto certain extent.

     Public pressure is there, just to make sure that, they realize the fact that "This time People ARE WATCHING THEM" and this is NOT gonna be just another sugar coated pill they can give us and fall a sleep again.

3. If you see a cop on road talking with a driver, what is the first thing that comes in our mind?? The answer to this Q would tell why we want some Monitor over all of us. Its not that Govt. only is corrupt. Even Govt. is madeup of common man only. Majority of Babus, Poilce and all other sort of Govt. employees are common man only. So my perspective to monitor is that, "its monitor on all who lives in here, not the Govt in reality". Again, its not just the Cop's fault here, to be very clear so dont get offended with me :)

   I am neither against Nandan Nilekani nor against Anna. Infact I WONT call myself follower of Anna. I have my own way of combating. If you don't believe, just read my old blog:

   Every1 knows if Anna says "no one who has done a corruption in his life so far should support and come and join his movement", not even 5% mass should be there. Yes I am saying Five, and I think even that is too big number!! But can't we give all a second chance? Many of them must have been in a situation  where even if they are right, they have to do wrong stuffs just because of NO other alternative or-else they will be in even bigger trouble. Just try reading below article, you might get why am saying this:

 Currently If individual is right, but Not influential, s/he doesn't worth anything. But no matter if he is right/wrong, but if Influential "All is Well, rest all, go to Hell !!" Have we learn anything from Jessica-lal case?

    There is so much to talk and debate on this, but sadly we hardly get time to introspect it and discuss this with self only, forget abt doing it with others.

  So friends, as I always believe,
  1. Self monitoring is the key
  2. But, Monitor over is to make sure that self monitor keeps working.
  3. And they are are again cyclic in nature 1 <-> 2 ;)

  I am sure, you must have fallen asleep by now!! 
If yes, I acheived my goal, and if not, post/share this articles and let others feel the Joy of Sleep !!!  ;)

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