Saturday, June 18, 2011

How we can possibly get rid of Courrption?

At one of the discussion thread where poeple were thinking if "Can Threat to Fast untoo death will get end to corruption or not". Here is my perspective to it. Although I have respect for Mr. Anna Hazare, so dont mis-interprete this blog.
      There is only One simple alternative, that is Change Ourselves.

          Perfect world never exists. We have to tame the level of evilness, thats it.

     Every corruption (big/small), is somehow touching aam-adami at some level for his involvement. eg. Govt. employees (most of them are aam-aadami only) had their small portion of interest in all corruption. If majority of them make sure that they dont get currupted, just image how difficult it will be for even big ministers to do corruption. They can start doing their job with sincerity.
      I m not just pointing at Govt. employees. We who are either in business, employees can file right Income taxes, thats the way we can make sure that we doing our job (of filing IT) correctly and ethically. Dont forget tat we can't blame others unless we are not clean.
      Its easy to get Power but difficult to digest it. We have Power to do some tax ka zhol, we and we do it, just imagine, Neta are having bigger powers with them, so they use it at that level. Its just the scale difference, nothing else.

   Also never forget "We get Govt, that we DESERVE. So first we have to make ourselve Deserving." Like rightly said, "Deserve b4 u Desire"

  Dont forget, we have very small memory, GoI is having a very small, simple but effective algorith for this problem:
1. We forget everything and we get bored of everything in just few days. We forget many important thing if India Wins World cup or Shilpa Shetty is getting married!!
2. GoI knows this very well and thats what they are exploiting.
3. Aam adami will join Mr. Anna for 2-3 or may be 5 times for his fastening. Every time Govt. will ask for some time or create some so called committe of bullshitters, who will again waste time.
4. Soon Mr.Anna will get frustu of them and again will go for fast. People will support him. Few from distance, few personally. but those are personally there with him, are also aam-adami, they also have to run their family. They can't keep skipping their business/ office and join Mr. Anna.
5. So atlast after some time Mr. Anna's streangth of mass with him with get shreded.

   I feel, Mr. Anna, and others whoc are also dreaming a future of less corrupted nation, should only spread word of mouth, and make poeple more awake about how being non-corrupted will make them and their future more happy then being corrupted and making fast money.

   Idea here is that, Janlok pal bill is NOT the solution at the end of the day. Solution is the attitude of  poeple, the mass attitude. Otherwise Janlokpal bill will also be just another "On-Paper law" in India like other thousands of Laws which are like "Toothless Tigers". An I wont regret for that as well, because we sadly would still deserve that!!!

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Anonymous said...

yes sir ,you told very correct. the mass attitude is the root of any nation and culture.