Sunday, May 27, 2012

A snake Friend in the Society... Montane Trinket Snake...Non Poisonous

    It was 26-May-2012. Saw this beautiful snake in the passage of my Wing at the ground floor at around 9PM. I think it was ~2.5 Feet in length and was so shiny and attractive!!

Luckily, my friend Ankur Mehta heard someone saying "Kill it is...." etc with a thick stick in his hand. Ankur shouted from where he was, asking not to kill and wait.

Montane Trinket Snake (Non Poisonous)

   Both of us went there and saw it. It was "Montane Trinket Snake". It was a relatively common snake and NON VENOMOUS. Luckily we were able to identify it and convinced that guy not to kill it, as it was NOT harmful at all. It must be after a rat/mice/frog probably.

   Actually, more than 80% times we encounter non-venomous snakes, but its just fear (which I completely agree with) which makes us feel that it is a threat. But believe me, more than you, the snake itself will try not to have any encounter with Human. Their first reaction is gonna be, to run away. And we should give due respect to it and let it go if we encounter it in a open area like garden/bushes or something, as they must be living there for quite a while and if there has been no incidents so far, means they are not a threat for sure.

  Infact even if a Poisonous snakes bites, more likely its gonna be a Dry bite, ie. simply a bite with NO poison injected. It would use poison as a last resort where it is provoked.

Montane Trinket Snake (Non Poisonous)

   Few more people came by that time, and it was looking like a circus show and most people preferring to kill it because of fear. But I was trying NOT to handle it in-front of all, as in future that simply might arouse few over-confident guys to start handling it and which might cause injuries to such sweet creatures.
  So later in the night, went with Ankur and we took it to the backside of the society where there is a open space with bushses etc. so that it can find a suitable place to hide as well as something to eat as there are good number of frogs as well there.

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  This was my first handling of a snake in wild. Although it was non-poisonous, frankly speaking my heart was beating at double pace. Because, when I lifted it with hook with his tail in my left hand, it started twisting its body, and I had to keep rotating it in same direction in my hand, else I was afraid that its twist would have damaged its own muscles because of twists.

     But luckily, all went right and thanks for Ankur's help. Also thanks to all guys in society who co-operated and didn't panic or over reacted!!

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JiGaR said...

Gr8 work dude.....
Proud to be your and Ankur's friend..... Love you guys.... :)