Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter To resp. President Of India for Cricket WC-2011 logic of paying Cricketers

Hi Just sent a letter To resp. President Of India for Cricket WC-2011 logic of paying Cricketers. Here it goes.

Respected Madam,
     I am just another person living in India, and paying tax in the hope that it will be used for right cause & for right people. But recent Good incident also really make me feel sorry and low.
Yes, I am talking about Wining Cricket WorldCup. I am also fan of cricket and appreciate team for wining it. But got really sad when heard that public money is gonna be used for honoring them, that too with such a huge amount ( Rs. 1 Cr. per head )

    I am not against giving them honor/recognition. But that can be done in far better way and constructive way than its being decided. eg. with > 6 Cr. a new public school can be build or up gradation of Public hospitals can be done, which can bring joy to many lives. We can give the name of the cricketers for their honors if needed. We can give medal if needed. But giving away such a huge amount from public money that too to the cricketers where majority of them are not really in that under paid or something. Also lemme also tell you that I am also a big fan of cricket, so its not that I am writing this because I dont love this game and all.

    BCCI is NOT part of Govt. body, so do the players who are playing in it. Its like paying bonus to Employees of Pvt. Co. from Govt. treasury when that company is making profit..even that is also something that India will proud on when business will grow for that Indian Org. So should GoI declare bonus for them as well ?

    I seriously oppose these decisions. Aren't soldiers on border, Honest Police person on road etc. are way too bigger heroes than Cricket team ? Why we are not honoring them with such a great rewards? And why only to Cricket ? There are so many other sports heroes, who won Gold for us, dont we have proud on them ?

   I tried to send mail only to Resp. PM of India. I didn't find his email address. And sadly link to write him at his website is also NOT  working.
So bothering you. Hope you will get some time out of your hectic schedule for Just another civilian. I expect a thoughtful time of yours in this issue, and hope you will take some decision which is in favor of country !!

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