Friday, March 18, 2011

BSNL Broad band Pune Issue (resolved)

  I got BSNL dataone broadband at Wakad, Pune just 2 days back. Since day one I started facing issue. Not that net is not working and all. But it used to stop loading page inbetween for many websites. And funniest part was that even facebook pages at times never used get loaded completely. I saw many js, image files are never getting loaded completely.

   Initially I thought some issue with DNS. But As half of the page is getting loaded from the same domain where download is stuck while loading is going on, its really not possible to blame DNS.

  This made me really crazy, my half a day was wasted because of this while I was developing an app using Facebook Javascript SDK. It never used to download, but facebook domain is always reachable with traceroute and normal page load during browsing.

  Issue got resolved final in my router configuration. I set TCP MTU=1300 and magic happened. Frankly speaking I still need to go through greater details about significance of this field, but for now this tweak is atleast allowing me to keep a smile on my face :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Looks like it solved some of the problems I was facing. The default was 1492 on my router and was not allowing me to get some of the pages. It appears to have cured some of the most obvious issues.
- Vilas

Abhijit Bavdhankar - EOE by birth said...

are you in pune?

Abhijit B

Yagnesh Chawda said...

Yes, Shifted permanently. Just 2 weeks back. Do visit here :)

Bala said...

thanx for the post. Been struggling with this problem for months. Finally fixed. it.