Monday, January 17, 2011

Maha Pakshi Ganana 2010 : Please participate

Maharashtra Pakshimitra
Admin. Office - 11, United Park, Markandi, Chiplun,
Dist. Ratnagiri - 415605.
Phone No. 02355 - 253030
Email -

“Maha Pakshi Ganana 2010”

Coordinator - Mr. Sharad Apte.

Guide lines for Census.
1)Fill in all column provided for basic information such as name of the organization etc.
2)Fill in coordinates and elevation if available.
3)Name of the location should accompany name of Taluka and District precisely. Mention name of the state if location falls in other state.
4)Date any day between 24/01/2010 to 31/01/2010 preferably on 24/01/2010 Time for census is fixed and it is 7.30 am to 9.30 am in the morning. Please repeat same location in late evening i.e. from 18.00 19.30 for nocturnal species. If census is organized in evening prefer time from 16.00 to 19.30(4pm to 7.30pm) for evening census focus on Nocturnal species. Depute some birder at roosting colonies.
5)Mention book referred for identification of species, to avoid confusion in English names please put plate No and species no in column provided.
6)Be careful while feeding count. Do not feel tentative figures like 20 to 30 or group.
7)Species identified but not includes in list provided, please add additional rows at the bottom and high light the row in Yellow.
8)Activity Breeding means:- Nest building, incubation, feeding chicks etc. If you seen any one of the said activity please fill it in column provided for.
9) Location and distance. Cover at least one km you may choose any location from busy city road to sanctuary. You may choose any small location like house campus, industry campus, garden etc.. Try to include students form local school college provide experts with every group and try to cover one or more location.
10) Fill the attached sheet and mail it to & cc to provided on same day.
11)If you have any problem to access Internet please make a proper list as per guidelines and send it by post to above address.

Please make necessary publication in local news paper.

If you have any queries please contact -

Mr. Sharad Apte - Email - or

Maharashtra Pakshimitra - Email -

More details available at:

Birds at my place if any one has got interest :

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