Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monkey Visitor at my Place !!

   It was just an ordinary morning. 9.15 AM, Wokeup and was booting up for the day. Suddenly from my window, noticed a Monkey at 20-30 Mtr. distance. Its kind of unusual !!

   I thought its gonna be something special today. I was wishing that I can see him face to face. And my wish came true. As if he was here to meet me only, he came right in front of my Window and sat down on the roof in front of me. Then he started some breakfast. Suddenly I was surprised to see that he wasn't alone !! There was one more, and he also joined breakfast.

   I was really happy, but worried as well at the same time for their security. Its a residential area and being them a kind of unexpected visitors, their life is at threat as poeple may harm them as precautionary measure.

  I immediately called up (National Park) Borivali Forest division. I got response that its a job of Mumbai Range division and gave their number to call them. This was expected, I was 200% sure that I wont get satisfactory response in just one call. So I called up Mumbai Range division. I thought call will never get answered, but luckily ( really luckily ??) some sarakri "BABU" answered the call.
  I explained him the situation and why I am worried for these two sweet monkeys, here is the response:
(My conversation was in Hindi, just puuting it in English here....)

Babu: Ok. Just do one thing, as we can NOT take your complaint on Phone. Come here to office and we will lodge complaint and then come to catch.
Me: Were is your office?
Babu: Thane
Me: ( Man !!!!) It will take me more than 2 hours to reach Thane. And god knows how much time to lodge the complaint.
Babu: Yes, but poeple call us and by the time we reach there, animal runs away.... (sad as they can't do anything?? / Smiling, as I am fooling this caller !! god knows .....)
Me: Exactly, if that is the case, what is the guarantee that Monkey will be Obidient to me and will wait untill I return from Range office with lodged complaint ??
  Then he started giving all non-sense excuses that you all can imagine....

Babu:What is your address ? I will just take informal complaint .... ( Kidding with me ??? What the hell is Informal complaint ?)
Me: ( After giving my address !!!!) are you guys gonna come ??
Babu: Lets see. (In their typical style for being Govt. Babu).....If our persons comes here, I will try to arrange something. Till that time, you keep an eye on those two !!!!!!!!! (BANG !!!!!! )

     I was so sad !! When will we start caring for others ?? Those guys just want to take thier salaries, nothing else !!! Hope some day they will realize their duty !!!


saumil said...

good post ...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! babu is babu

amol said...

good one...