Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hibernate: Easy to JUST Use...But HARD to use in Right way

Recently started working on migration of one of our application to port on Hibernate. To be frank, I dont know much of hibernate. At the same time, from bottom of heart, am not all that big fan of Hibernate as well !!
But yes, taking this as an opportunity to learn hibernate and looking for some concrete reasons to LOVE or HATE it :p
So started looking around for some good online articles to get booted up. At first glance simple ORM looked so straight forward that I felt like in heaven to be a developer using Hibernate. But soon, realized a devil a residing in the heaven. That is why the title of the post is "Hibernate: Easy to JUST Use...But HARD to use in Right way" !!
Yes, this is what I have felt so far, I may change my opinion later :p
One of the main reason why I felt so is the way we use "OneToMany" association with "inverse" attribute and "cascade" attribute.
I definitely want to thank all smart poeple who put their articles to help newbie like me to understand Hibernate. Giving some links below in the order of my likings towards the explanation :

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