Friday, August 14, 2009

Independence "In-Deep-Essence" to me

62 Years of so-called "Independence" !!
Yes, this is what I feel when I see people feeling happy that they got their nation from Britishers, who looted us just like mankind loots honeybees.
But are we able to digest this Independence??
I always ask this Question to me.....What this Independence really means to me ??

> Does it just mean to throw Ruling Britishers out of the country and let our own corrupted people to loot us?
> Does it mean to break our own country, friendship and create India , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, POK ?
> Does it mean to break Indians into caste (SC / ST / NT / OBC ), religion, and state ?
> Does it mean to remember and give respect to flag, national anthem for a day and then throw in dustbin on next day?

If answer is yes, then I am sorry to say, but I would have been happy to see Britishers only to rule me and my nation !! Yes, because in that case atleast we, all Indians would have been together forgetting caste, religion and states. We (Post Independence) as a generation got Independence for free, may be that is why we dont value it.

We say that we are one of biggest democracy in place. But what is use of such democracy where we are only in power just during election time. We elect our representative. Then for next five years they will suck us with all their power. Nothing happens as common man wants. Still we call it democracy.

I thought Independent country has aware civilians. And civilians are as aware as media over there is. But thankfully our media is too busy capturing child in hole, sexy actresses in movies, thug baba's bahvishyawanis and cricketer's favorite food.

We can't even blame politicians only for all this. We as individuals, care for personal benifit more than that of country and more broadly for every living being.
> Why we want to diffenetiate poeple based on caste during any procedure?
> Why we want reservation?
> Why we want to break indians based on their native state?
Politicians shows us dreams, breaks it everyrime, and we still support them everytime.

To me, we have just got Independence from one perspective. There are still having challanges from many enemies of ours whom we are still slaves to !!! These are bigger than and much powerful than what britishers were. To my small mind, following are those, but there might be many others....

1. Corruption
2. Racism
3. High valie of Money infront of value of any living being's life
4. Selfish outlook / politics

Dont forget, "Together we stand, alone we fall". To f*ck all above enemies, we have to come together. We have to play our role. We may differ in our way of fighting, but our goal will be same and noble. Are you fighting for your self ? For your family ? For your country ? For every one who breaths ?

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