Monday, July 13, 2009

Democracy OR Daemōn-Cursing

Yes I am frustrated. Yes I am impatient. Yes I am confused about so called golden word "Democracy", please help me if you think you understand it But before all let me tell you that I don't support any political party :P
Here are few questions that I have:
  1. We have right to vote, but are we getting right candidates to vote to?
  2. We have right to speak, but is government having time to listen to it?
  3. We call democracy in country, but do we feel people ruling OR (Fair) rules in place for people of country ?
  4. Do we need statue of a (Shit) politician at cost of crores of rupees that we pay as tax?
  5. Who is Common Man (Aam Adami) according to out great politicians ?
Actually above general questions are touching many small questions that I have in my small and dumb mind.

What I am frustrated about ?? :
  1. Do we need statue of a (Shit) politician at cost of crores of rupees that we pay as tax?
  2. Do we want to give 100% tax benifits to donations given to political parties ( by businessmen)
  3. We have concerns about getting our black money out of tax heaven country, but can't we focus on atleast making sure that all black (Real estate for example) transactions that occuring in the country itself?
  4. Do we want to give more tax benefits to people who are already earning over 10s of lacs per annum or to a common man ?
  5. We dont have 24 Hrs. of electricity even in 60 Km surroundings of Capital hub (Mumbai) of India, and we want to make it Shanghai (LOL) !!
If we keep on listing these I think google server's diskspace will also be less for us. But instead of focusing on issue I feel we (yes, I meant WE ALL) should start focusing on the solutions.

  • Small things CAN bring BIG Differences : Yes, I am a true believer of this statement. And I always tried (I think, I always Had ever since I think I felt being responsible) to be practical with it. But question is, "What I can do alone ???" hmm... good Q, but here are something that we can always do, and we dont have to depend on others atleast for these things :
==> Bad Power and Fuel situation is there, but can't we make our power requirement bit less?? Howw?? Here they are:
= Can we keep our tubelights off during the day time whenever possible ?
= Can we switch off all the electrical and electornic items aound us which will be idle after we leave our office premises? Even standby mode eat power, no matter how low, still there is still power being wasted for no good reason. Do we keep our monitors on when we leave our home? No,why? Because we pay the light bill...then why we forget to switch it off when we leave office ??
= Can we take a walk/bicycle ride whenever possible instead of bike or car?
= Can we use email instead of paper printout. And if at-all print is necessary, can't we mandate to make print papers to be used both sides ?
In short If we have got freedom, we gotta use it with responsibility
  • Do It your self b4 asking some1 else to : We always crib about politicians (Government) not doing their job blah blah... I would say, we DON'T have right say it. Whyyy ??
==> As a responsible person of country its our responsibility to pay (complete and honest) tax. But are we doing so ?? We are asking others to do their job honestly, but we want to exempt our self from it. And when asked, we always have reason "As they are not doing their job, why should I ? ".

But what we are forgetting is that we are putting thing in a infinite loop here. We can start paying taxes and then screw and force govt. to do their task. Govt. is made up of poeple like you and me. If we all are doing our job with responsibility, then we can definitely pluck few remaining assholes out of the business to get the healthy environment !!

Now I feel, I haven't listed any of the solutions which I feel needs a rocket science to implement.

Yes, I am positive about this. Yes I am waiting but acting for this. And Yes if I can do it, everyone else can !!

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rakesh said...

dude tu toh pukka netagiri pe utar aaya.....PMC ke election mein khade ho ja...aacha bhashan de lega :D